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Picture: Liana Mikah via Unsplash | Words: Alejandra Abouhamad

Hello, and welcome to The Curated Woman! I’m really excited to have you here! I’m not sure how many of you found this site because of my design work, but this right here actually started from a personal design project of mine! I never really thought that I’d be the one sitting behind the screen writing this, but after getting tons of messages of people thinking that I was opening this blog - some even thinking that I was switching design for blogging -, I thought that maybe I should take a leap of faith and bring this little dream project of mine to life!

This is exciting and nervewracking all at once, I’m still in this journey of curating my life myself, but I figured, what better way to talk to others about curating their lives than from the viewpoint of experience, trial and error?

Wether you’re a pro in this or you don’t even really know what it means to be “a curated woman”, I hope that this blog can be a faithful companion to you all!



You know when you go to a museum and there’s tons of different collections? They generally don’t - and usually can’t - feature every single thing that the artist has created, but rather they pick a few key pieces that work well together.

According to the dictionary:

Curate, verb. “To select, organize and look after the items in (a collection, an exhibition)”.

See, the thing is, you don’t just curate a collection for a museum. You also can - and should! - curate your own life, not only because it’ll bring you immense clarity about who you are all about, but it’ll make every area of your life hold true to that vision of who you are, doesn’t that sound amazing?

My mission with this blog is to help other women define what it means for them to be a curated woman, to make their own definition of it, and then seek to curate every area of their lives accordingly. From fashion and beauty, to finding that elusive work/life balance and even interior inspo because our homes are, second to our fashion, the biggest and clearest picture of who we are, so it is indeed important that your home too, makes sense to you - even if you’re renting.

Also, for all my dudes out there that want to curate their lives, feel free to join us, I don’t want this place to discriminate against, just know that - at least for the time being - this is a blog written by a woman, and an only child at that, focused on women. I want this blog to come from a place of experience, so I can’t share something when I don’t know what it’s like to be a dude, but hey, if something applies, you run with it, okay?



If you’ve ever felt lost or confused about yourself, who you are, what your dreams are, where you’re going with this life, etc, then you should do this. That’s exactly why I started this journey myself, because I realized that I couldn’t continue going on with my life without truly knowing who I am and what I’m all about, what my passions are, what my strengths and weaknesses were, what I expected of life and how close to that vision I really was.

Honestly at first it felt like I got hit with a ton of bricks when I realized that I didn’t know the answer to any of these questions, but for real, the clarity and relief and optimism that I felt from that moment forwards, it was uncomparable. The inner peace and joy that I’ve felt since I started this journey, even when nothing else had changed on the physical plane, is the force that drives me forwards and makes me jump out of bed in the mornings.

I once read in a book, “The Ten Secrets (Of Abundant Happiness)” by Adam J. Jackson, that supposedly, only 1 in every 50 people consider themselves happy. Going by that math, if I’m happy - and I am -, then that means there’s 50 of you out there that aren’t. I pray every day that this statistic is outdated, but it not, we collectively have got some serious shit to work on.

By curating your life, you are putting yourself out of that statistic, because - hopefully - not only are you working on the outer aspects of your life: your home, your fashion, what life experiences you want to live, but you’re also working on the inner you. At the risk of sounding like a monk, I’m here to tell you that happiness isn’t on the outer stuff, happiness can only be found when you’re willing to go deep inside you and find contentment in the now.

From the me of last year, to the current-still-a-work-in-progress me of this very moment in which I’m writing these words, my physical plane is looking identical. I haven’t changed my job situation, or my money situation or my love situation, but from that me to this me, there’s inner peace, no more depression or anxiety, there’s clarity about where I’m going with my life. And this doesn’t mean that I don’t want all those outer things to change - I fiercely do -, but I’m happy where I am right now, I’m happy watching as the process unfolds.

I wish for you, who is reading this for some divine reason, to also experience this joy and peace and contentment and pure happiness. I have written way too many pages on my computer as I’ve started this journey - and none of them have seen the light of day, but that’s going to change witht this blog.

This blog, and this post, and however many more will come, this right here is my commitment to you, to show you how my process looks like - the good, the bad and the ugly -, and to share how I’m doing this. This is my commitment that if you decide to embark on this journey, I’ll be there by your side, and the comment section of every blogpost will be there by your side to cheer on you every single step of the way.

I’d love for you to let me know in the comments what brings you here and where are you on your journey - wether you’ve been doing this for years, or wether you’re just hearing about this and want to join in, or even if you don’t feel like this is for you, all opinions are welcome! Also, feel free to share what things you’d like to see here!

Last but not least, if we don’t know each other yet: Hi! I’m Alejandra. I am a twenty-eight year old designer and illustrator from Madrid, Spain and I’m the founder of The Curated Woman! Though brief, you can learn more about me on our about page and I’ll see you in the next post! Much love <3